Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went up to Camelot! (where my parents have a lot and a trailer and stuff) It is in Fruitland UT which is near Strawberry Reservoir. We love going up there! It was also nice to have a day and a half to spend together because our week had been so busy. I could hardly wait to get off work so that we could go on Saturday. We had a fun weekend full of playing crazy games, sitting around the campfire, going fishing, four wheeling, waterfighiting...etc! It was a blast!

Sad story:
Mark has become really good at fishing and he really likes it! So we were fishing in the river and he was catching lots of little ones. Then all of a sudden he got a hit and it was a BIG one, you could just tell this was like the daddy of all the little fishes. When he had it up and out of the water it was like 11" long! So big, the biggest one that he had caught :) I was SO EXCITED for him! So I got the hook out of its mouth and was carrying it to a rock across the river  so we could take it back with us...and right after I told him that I was holding it tight...I DROPPED it into the water and it swam swam away! I felt so bad! So that is the sad story, Mark caught the biggest fish and we didn't even have a picture of him with it or the fish for him to show for it...maybe I need to get some sticky gloves so I can hold onto these giant fishes better? He is a wonderful husband though and he still loves
We were sad to leave  our relaxing weekend but I had to work today...working on Labor Day is CRAZY. I have never had such a busy day at work it left me with a headache! I happen to be a lucky girl though because I came home and Mark had cooked dinner for me in the crock pot! It was chicken and asparagus and potatoes and onions it was so yummy! I loved it, and I love when he cooks for me.

Today we got some fun things:
Internet and a Vacuum! We have lived here for 3 weeks without either one and it was getting rough...haha not being able to have internet when we needed to look things up at home and also our floors were getting pretty dirty! We are happy to have both it is very exciting!
p.s. I was vacuuming and apparently all the spiders don't like it very much. Two of them ran out from their hiding places when the vacuum got closer...and then instead of yelling for Mark to come kill them:  I vacuumed them up! I could get used to this.

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