Friday, August 16, 2013

Taking a little time to just…eat

Hey everyone! So after a lot of thought and contemplation I have decided to say farewell to my baking/cooking blog! Insert random picture of me here:


I started it a few years ago to save my recipes…then I got excited about followers and became a little obsessed with trying to “make it big in the blogging world” You don’t have to look too hard at my followers or post views to see that, well, the blogging world might just not be for me. There have been random moments and random posts that blew up and tons of people looked at them…but even though 4 or 5 posts got hundreds of views I was missing something because those hundreds of people looked at that one post and then left…never to be seen again. Where did they all go?? Probably to some of the baking and cooking blogs that I stalk on a regular basis. IMG_8941

I would talk to Mark about it, try to change things (like the name, formatting, design), try to be more funny, try to be unique, post more regularly, try to take better pictures, try to constantly update twitter/facebook with posts, and I even tried having a giveaway (which was actually really fun and brought a ton of people to my blog….for that one post. People will go anywhere once in the blogging world for free stuff!) But even then I didn’t have the resources I needed to succeed in giving things away and I really probably should have invested in a .com for my blog…but I just never felt justified in spending that money when we needed it more for other things.

Then I would talk to Mark some more and he saw that in the end all my food blog was really doing was bringing me down most of the time. So that is a big reason why I am leaving. I wasn’t blogging for the right reasons and I wasn’t baking and cooking for the right reasons either. I was worrying too much about what other people thought of me, my blog, my recipes and everything…and then I was letting that weigh on me. Feeling discouraged and frustrated because I wasn’t like all of the “other bloggers” out there who start a blog and have like 1,000 followers in a week.

These last few weeks since I quit my baking blog I have had so much fun in the kitchen! It is liberating to be able to cook whatever I want, not take any pictures of our food, and even FOLLOW A RECIPE because I don’t feel like I have to make it unique or creative just so I can blog it. (normally I am always trying to change the recipes and sometimes the food ends up being a little interesting…)
Our food these last few weeks has been delicious! I am loving life and am off to find something new to learn…maybe photography, maybe web design (that might have helped my blog. ha.) maybe a new language…who knows! All I know is that it has been fun and for the few of you that did read my posts I appreciated every single view and I want you to know that!

IMG_9019Hopefully people will still find my blog every now and then and enjoy the things that they make from it. Even though half of my posts are missing pictures now so those poor recipes will probably never make it onto anyone's table (Another thing I feel “free” from. Trying to replace the images on about 60 posts…that was such a daunting task)

And now all I have to say is “On Top O’ Spaghetti To Ya!” and have a great day!

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  1. Kjersti, I am so inspired by this post! Thank you! I am so glad that you are cooking for the right reasons & being willing to share your passion. You are such a great example to me of always learning!