Friday, July 8, 2011

Tutorial: The BEST way to cut an onion

This tutorial is brought to you by: MARK HELBERG :) One time Mark noticed me creatively chopping an onion for dinner. I had never been exactly sure about the best way but felt I had found a pretty okay strategy. It definitely wasn’t fast though or convenient for getting the exact size of pieces that I wanted.

That day Mark changed my life when he showed me how he had learned to chop an onion:

First-Cut off the top and bottom of your onion and peel the skin off


Your onion should be able to sit flat on the cutting board. Next start slicing your onion the same direction all the way across. Space your slices apart based on how big you want your onion pieces to be. (I was wanting tiny pieces so you can see that my first and second slice are pretty close to each other)


If you are not planning on using the whole onion only go down as far as you want to use. I was using a little more than half of the onion this time. (Also NEVER chop all the way through the bottom…you have to have something holding it together)


Once you get across the whole onion it will look like this:


Then it is time to chop the other direction…perpendicular to your previous slices.


Your onion will now look like this:


Then turn your onion on its side and slice a piece off as think as you want…the onion pieces will fall of in little perfect squares! :) IMG_2550


Oh happy day :) I also feel like I don’t cry as much when chopping onions this way. If this didn’t make sense to you than I guess I’m not good at tutorial making and you’ll just have to come over to my house for an onion chopping good time!

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  1. That seriously is the best way to cut onions. I had never seen that done before until my brilliant mother in law. Then I taught it to my parents who use onions everyday and they love it! Keep goin with your blog I love it!