Monday, April 15, 2013

I’d only eat this if….

This is what my husband said about dinner last night, “This is something you would eat if you were starving in a barren wasteland and you needed something to eat to generate saliva”

I giggle every single time I read that. Seriously I do. And I was the chef! You know that dinner was bad when your husband says something like that about the food you made and all you can do is burst into hysteric giggles.

This post is a true testament to the fact that almost every recipe you see on here is a creation of my own mind inspired by something I heard about or saw. Sometimes the creations are epic failures.

Last night I tried to make Sweet Potato Gnocchi. We have made Gnocchi before with regular potatoes and it was good, delicious, great and wonderful. One day I’ll post a recipe for it. I decided to try using the same recipe for sweet potato gnocchi. I should work the same right? Potato=potato I thought. NOT TRUE. I added more and more and more flour to the sweet potatoes and they were just not turning into dough. Finally we decided to try to just drop balls of the sticky “dough” into the boiling water and maybe we could have Sweet Potato Gnocchi Balls. ha
We covered them in a yummy butter sauce and started eating. Then we started talking about them. I was trying VERY HARD to decide they were good. I had spent so much time making them. I wanted them to be good. I was even telling my husband they were good. And then all at once my hubby was like these are just not good. It is like eating raw dough with butter sauce. I finally admitted that I agreed. He laughed at how I was trying to make them sound good. Even our baby agreed that they were gross. His high chair was full of spit out “gnocchi”.

We threw it away. We ate the asparagus it was super good. A while later we had homemade Orange Julius and muffins for post dinner dinner.

Tips from Kj:

Don’t ever make these.

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