Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Little Kiss…Beijinos de Coco (Aka: The best Brazilian dessert)

Hello! I am BACK! We have moved, we are settled and we are making GOOD food in our new kitchen! I have so much counter and cabinet space I am so happy. I also have a dishwasher. This helps decrease the dread I feel when I am making something that uses like 3 pans and 6 bowls. I know that I don’t have to hand wash all those dishes!

On to the little kiss.  I love when Mark gives me a kiss…haha but that has nothing to do with this recipe. I really just love when he introduces me to delicious Brazilian food. We were at a ward BBQ and he started talking with another girl from Brazil about these Beijinos. They were ranting and raving about how delicious they were and I decided we just had to try them! (P.S. this is a whole different post but my baby boy and I are OFF OF OUR CRAZY DIET! Yay! More to come on that later but it means I could eat these)


These are made with sweetened condensed milk, butter, and coconut. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I love sweetened condensed milk. I like to just eat it straight from the can. Mark and I were actually fighting over who got to have the last bits of milk left over in the can. Yum.

Here is what you need:

1 14 oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 cup dried coconut (sweetened or unsweetened either one works)
1 Tablespoon Butter

(extra coconut, sugar, and cocoa powder later for dipping)

First mix the sweetened condensed milk, butter, and 1/2 cup coconut in a skillet pan.


For about 15 minutes stir this over medium heat. 

It will start to thicken to more of a paste.


Take it off the heat and spread it onto a greased pan or plate.
Once it has cooled for about 15 minutes grease your hands (I used cooking spray) and roll into about 1 inch balls.

Then dip your balls into either sugar, more coconut or cocoa powder! They are so yummy! The ball is so sweet that the cocoa powder is such a nice contrast. It doesn’t taste bitter just deliciously chocolaty. The sugar is awesome and the extra coconut is great if you like coconut!


Now you are ready to take a bite of your “little kiss”. Beware you might eat all of them in one sitting!

Tips from Kj:

Marks friend told me how she made hers and then we looked up tons and tons of recipes. They are all the same except for 1 difference:

Some people don’t add the coconut while you are mixing the milk and butter together. Some people (like us) do. It will work either way it just depends on how much you like coconut! If you don’t like it at all you can still make these and roll them in sugar, cocoa powder or even experiment with other things like chocolate chips etc! The sky is the limit with these little kisses!

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  1. If you like coconut you should try a Hawaiian dessert called Pani Popo I have the recipe if you want to try it :)stealing this for coconut obsession

    1. I love coconut! I would love that recipe if you wanted to email it to me! :) ontopofspaghettikj@gmail.com

      Thanks Cayli!!