Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Issues....and a party with cookie dough cupcakes!

So I do plan on blogging again. PROMISE. Most likely at the end of this month once we are all moved and settled and aren't re-eating everything that is super easy and fast to make.

I guess when you neglect your blog for a while it decides to let you know how it feels about that. All of my pictures are disappearing. There are "!" everywhere and I can't figure out what is going on. Most of the recipes with "!" are old and I don't have those pictures anymore. So I guess I know what recipes I am going to be making soon all of the ones with missing pictures.

My blog is rebelling against me. It is making me sad. Oh well. Gotta dust off my pants and just make it better right? I already have a lot to do to make some improvements so I can just add these ! pictures to my list :)

In the meantime check out the pictures of my baby boys party and the cake he smashed. And some pictures of him smashing it. I thought it was pretty cute. There is also a "recipe" at the bottom. Enjoy.

Gotta chug a lug some milk!  

This is when he really started going for it! 

Soccer Birthday Cake (Dairy, Egg, and Soy free!) 

My attempt at cool decorations! haha This was definitely NOT a Pinterest party that is for sure. Simple and easy going. We just had a lot of fun letting baby boy do everything he normally does every day. He was happy, we were happy and it was awesome! 

We did have these yummy cookie dough cupcakes that I saw re-pinned a million times. I didn't really follow any recipe though but they are super easy to make...Just make cupcake batter. And make cookie dough without the eggs and freeze it. Put cupcake batter in your pan and drop a ball of frozen cookie dough into the middle.

 Bake according to cupcake directions. When you bake it the cookie dough will de-thaw but not cook so you have cookie dough in the middle of your cupcake. YUM!

Tips from Kj:

Don't neglect your blog.

Don't eat all the leftover cupcakes the day after the party...on your own...unless you plan to go running ever day. (Oh wait I did plan to go running every day...oops! haha add that to the list of things being neglected)

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  1. Kjersti I love all your recipes they certainly have been out to good use at my house :)

    1. Thanks so much Cayli! :) I am so glad that you have been able to use some of them! The same way your fashion blog has helped me!