Friday, June 14, 2013

Who Needs Pinterest? How to Separate an Egg White and Yolk the Easy Way

I was at my mom's house. She is pretty much the nicest mom in the world. Evidence:

She was making pancakes for my brother who is 16 at 11:30 when he should have been eating lunch or at least pouring himself a bowl of cereal or something. But alas he requested pancakes and she delivered. As she was making them she needed to separate the egg yolk and the white. I got excited and said "You should do the water bottle trick from pinterest!" She was like "Why?" And then did this:

It was epic. It cracked me up. And the best part about it was that it worked! haha She shook the yolk a little to get the white off and ta da a perfectly separated egg white and yolk.

This is one of the million reasons I love my mom. She is just awesome!

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  1. You're mom is awesome!! Nothing like doin' it ol' school. :)