Sunday, October 28, 2012

Franken Crispies

Aka: Rice crispy treats that look like Franken Stine. (Or they are supposed to)

The next few recipes I post will be fit for a Halloween dinner. I will hopefully have them all posted before Halloween just in case you are in need of help for a dinner for your kiddos. Every year my family has a "spooky dinner" where we eat lots of spooky and sometimes gross Halloween food. We also play fun games and watch fun movies like The Witches. (An old classic I guess you could say. We had never seen it until last night...but it was old and classic. haha)

It is fun and....gross. I'll save those recipes for tomorrow though.  Lucky for you these little guys are just pure cute and very delicious too. Even better they are Dairy and Soy free for me! Which means. I can eat them. 10 of them if I want. And nothing will happen to my little guy :) Oh joyous day.

Essentially these are your typical rice crispy treats. You just use Canola oil instead of butter.


Green Food Coloring
6 Cups Rice Crispies
3 tablespoons Canola Oil
1 small bag mini marshmallows (If trying to go soy free make sure you check the ingredients!)


2/3 Powdered Sugar
1 Tablespoon Milk (I used Rice Milk)
Orange and Purple Food coloring

In a large saucepan heat up the canola oil on medium heat. Add your marshmallows and about 6 drops green food coloring. Or a nice squeeze of gel food coloring. Stir constantly until the marshmallows are melted. Then add your rice crispies and stir until coated with the marshmallows. The will be nice and green and ready to monsterize. Well almost.

Coat a pan with canola oil. (I use the spray from Costco) Press your lovely green bites of goodness into the pan and let them cool. Choose your ban based on the thickness of treats you want. I used an 8x8 pan. I wanted them to be thick!

Once cool, cut into rectangles.

In a separate bowl mix together the powdered sugar and the milk. You should get a nice glaze not too runny but runny enough you can squeeze it out of your frosting applicator. (A zip lock bag with the corner cut off. ha.)

Separate that into two portions in two zip lock bags and add your purple and orange coloring. Squeeze to mix. Then cut off the corner and go to work drawing your cute little frankie faces on your treats. Be creative. I sure am not an artist and wish I was. I am sure some of you could come up with even more awesome treats than this. They were a hit with the kids though so that is what counts. And they were also a hit with me...because I am a highly dessert deprived lady right now. I practically licked the pan clean of the crispy and marshmallow mixture before you could blink. :)

Happy Halloween!

Tips from Kj;

If you wanted to leave the Frankenstein route and make these into more monsterish treats you could make them in all sorts of shapes and colors using different colors of the glaze to add all sorts of scary features!

When my kiddos are old I want to make this a tradition. Of course they will get their own bags of glaze to go crazy and make big messes with :) Pin It

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