Thursday, October 4, 2012

Root Beer Pot Roast (It's Amazing!)

I am not necessarily a pot roast queen. On most occasions I have made the pot roast and it hasn't been husband didn't even have to tell me that because our mouths were so dry after eating it that we could not speak. haha

This pot roast however was extremely moist and tasty enough that my husband requested that we have it again, and again :) In fact it may be the only pot roast I ever make again in my life. Ok, not true...with pinterest and all of the roasts I've "pinned' I will have to venture out of my comfort zone and try some new recipes.

This roast is SO EASY you will love me forever and your family will love you forever because it is so juicy and delicious. And I promise it doesn't taste like root beer.

All you need is:

A Beef Pot Roast
An Onion (And any other veggies you want but we just did an onion)
2 Liters of Root Beer

Ice Cream (I'll explain this is NOT for the roast but it will be useful I promise)

Turn your crock pot on high.

Season your roast with salt and pepper and brown edges in a skillet.

Put roast in the crock pot.

Slice your onion into wedges and put around the roast.

Add enough of the root beer that the roast is covered.

Cook on High for 5 hours.

While cooking use the left over root beer and the ice cream to have a root beer float! :)

We took the roast out of the crock pot so we could cut it, and just reserved some of the yummy juices!

 Tips from Kj:

If you have the time...cook this on low for 8 hours!

You can add any other veggies you want like potatoes or carrots.

We put mushrooms on top sauteed in butter with garlic Mrs. Dash and season salt. YUM!!!!

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