Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sorry all, I have been anniversary tripping and teacher training and haven't been able to post my promised cinnamon pull apart bread (with secret ingredient) or any other fun recent recipes. We are also moving in 2 days which adds to the craziness of it all. I do have a quick one though and I promise the cinnamon pull apart bread will come by Sunday. All you need are: 


The trick to this is finding what works for you! First we tried putting the rolo inside the mallow and then roasting it. The result was that the chocolate and mallow melt too fast and fall into the fire :( And you cry….

Next we decided that we would roast our mallows first and then stick the rolo in and pop it in our mouths…the result was a nice toasty mallow but a non melty rollo…still a little sad but a nice improvement from the previous idea.

I was not ready to give up yet. This just sounded too yummy to not try one more idea. It was golden and here is how you do it:
First Roast your marshmallow until it is ALMOST done and how you like it:

Next remove it from the flame and stick a rolo right on top of it.
Stick back over the fire until you see the rolo get melty on top.

Pull off of the skewer and you have a perfectly melty and delicious rolomallow. Eat and repeat!

Tips from Kj:
You could totally turn these into amazingly delicious smores! My hubby just doesn’t love smores very much and this treat was for our anniversary so I “exnayed” the graham crackers and we just had rolomallows to our hearts content. (When you leave out the graham cracker you have much more room in your tummy for eating many mallows)

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  1. I recently started following your blog! I am in the same boat whereas, I just started a craft blog and I love comments and followers too!! Hint hint! Haha! Totally kidding! Anyways I love this idea with the rolomallows. I am definitely going to have to try these!