Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Food Network Debut

Okay that title is a little misleading…I really had my MBASA debut today. MBASA is a spouses association for the spouses of MBA students at BYU. Because I have a baking blog and love to bake and cook they asked me to teach a cooking class to some of the wives. I was so excited and had so much fun! The women in MBASA are amazing and I am so glad to be part of such an amazing group of ladies! Even though I know the class went well and it really was a lot of fun here is a play by play of how it really felt to be teaching this class…haha

So I gathered my supplies, put on my “food network” face and off I went. I spent hours before thinking of the things I would say, do, jokes I would tell…etc. It was going to be fabulous, funny, witty, charming, you name it I would be it! I was going to get a call from the Food Network the next day because of the rave reviews sent in by all of my new fans! Right??? Maybe not quite….

I got started making Brownie Bites and was feeling great minus my shaking hands when I turned on my kitchen aid hand mixer and it fell to pieces! Okay not all to pieces but it broke. I hadn’t even started into my “Giada De Laurentiis” script (I like to watch her show so I was pretending I was her) and my mixer breaks! It is okay I tell myself and I kept going using a whisk. The brownie bites turned out great and everyone was happy eating yummy treats.


Move on to Funnel Cakes….I only had medium eggs not large and without knowing some of the milk spilled in the car on the way there. The batter was SO THICK. It wasn’t funneling. So I added water…still not funneling. Finally borrowed milk from the girls house it was at and we got our funnel cake on! I was worried now that I had lost the faith of probably 2/3 of the people there that I had any talent at all. haha At this point I felt like one of the contestants on the very first day of “The Next Food Network Star” that gets voted off in the end because they couldn’t describe how the food was smelling to the camera because the viewers at home couldn’t smell it so they had to help them smell with their imagination….sorry back to the subject at hand. 


I think all in all it actually went better than I am imagining in my head. Maybe all the women were sitting there thinking that I seemed to elegantly dance as I moved from stove to counter to sink and that the way I whisked the brownie filling was like watching Julia Child in her kitchen….I actually think I am going to try to keep telling myself that this is what they were thinking. Maybe I really will get that call from the food network….


I can tell you this: If nothing else…the kiddos loved the food! I figure that since I am a mom that is a pretty good result. I will need my kids to love my food. So I have some good reviews from children ages 3-8 if you want to hear them :)

I also have a greater appreciation for people with cooking shows than I ever had before.

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  1. You did an awesome job! The treats tasted so yummy and I am definitely inspired to try this on my own! Thank you for teaching us today!