Friday, June 3, 2011

The Cupookie

One day about 3 years ago I said to my husband (boyfriend at the time) “I am going to make you the YUMMIEST cookie things…” Naturally he wondered what exactly “cookie things” were. I explained to him that I was going to make cookies out of a cake mix and then put frosting in the middle and he was going to be a happy man…I figured that would calm his fears of eating “cookie things” and I could get on to baking. (This was long before Pillsbury started selling their funfetti cookie mixes..these are legit and original-or at least I thought I was being pretty original)

Anyways so like I said I thought I had cleared his worries and I’d be able to bake…but this was NOT the case. He was convinced that my cookies were going to end up being cupcakes. No matter how many times I told him I was making COOKIES he was sure it wouldn’t work. (we hadn’t been dating very long…he did not yet understand my love for baking and cooking or that I was actually pretty good at it) I finally sent him into the other room and proceeded to make this recipe (only not Valentines...I used lemon for his but this is the only picture I currently have):

  “Cookies from cake mix with frosting in the middle”

1 package cake mix
2 eggs
¼ cup oil

In a large bowl mix together the cake mix, oil and eggs. Roll into balls depending on the size of cookies you want. I normally do 1 inch balls.
Cook at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. The bottoms of the cookies should be light brown; the cookies might seem like they need a little longer but do not leave them in…it will take away from their goodness.

Immediately put the cookies on a cookie rack and in the refrigerator until cooled (just enough so the frosting won’t melt…you don’t want them too chilly). Immediately pair up the cookies and sandwich them together with frosting-if you wait until later they just won’t be as good. Put in a Tupperware container or zip lock bag and refrigerate. 

For even better results: FREEZE THOSE COOKIES! For real. We are convinced that a frozen and then thawed cupookie tastes 100% better (if that is possible) than their unfrozen friends.

In the end he LOVED THEM! They became one of his favorite treats and he became the envy of his co-workers because he always had these in his lunches. We laughed a lot about how he thought they were going to turn into cupcakes…that is how the name came about because even though they didn’t turn into cupcakes but he started calling them cupookies (cupcake cookies) and the name stuck!
You can Make them for any occasion: Christmas, St. Patty’s, Birthdays, Halloween….or just because you want to eat something delish.

I absolutely love these and they are so fun because you can use whatever kind of cake mix you want, whatever kind of frosting  you want, and whatever kind of mix ins you want! One time I used a chocolate cake mix and we mixed in 3 musketeers bars chopped up…they were so amazingly yummy! (well to me anyways…the hubs does not like chocolate so you can imagine who’s tummy those ended up in) We also have decided that homemade frosting rocks the house with these but if you must use store bought frosting they will still be absolutely delish!

Tips from KJ:

Our favorite cake mixes to use are-Cherry Chip, Funfetti, Spice, Lemon, Strawberry, Carrot….um maybe all of them!

Online you can find a lot of recipes for cake mix cookies…but seriously this one is so simple and it is the BEST! I also use applesauce sometimes instead of the oil if I am feeling particularly healthy that day. :-p

Putting ice cream in the middle of these is a MUST!
Putting frosting on the top layer to make them cute for special occasions is also fun!

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  1. Kjersti I love this!!! Keep it up. I want some good ideas to cook with and I want to see all the fun things you do! You are so creative in everything you do!

  2. Those look so fun! I'm going to have to try it...