Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brownie Bites

*You may feel like you have seen this post before…you have! I am trying to update my old posts to look a little more organized and professional. I have learned a lot on this blogging journey and now I am trying to improve what I have done in the past. So I hope you’ll enjoy or at least bear with me as you will see some improved upon “posts from the past” every now and then as I update them*

This is one of the most requested desserts in my home when I ask Mark what he feels like....and that is saying a lot.

I will never forget when I met Mark. Man of my dreams. He was hunky, very attractive, and had a hilarious playful side that was so fun. But every perfect person has their flaws right? Well I found out pretty early on that my love of my life had 2 pretty serious flaws and one minor flaw. haha I know you are dying to know what they were. Here goes:

Flaw #1 He absolutely DESPISES peanut butter. To the point that I am banished from his presence if I eat it...for the next hour because he swears he can smell it even after it is probably already digested.
Flaw #2 He really doesn't like chocolate much. Like really not at all. He is okay eating it every now and then but mostly he could do without and be fine for his lifetime. (Me on the other hand...I pretty much have chocolate in one form or another at least once maybe twice a day. Not an unhealthy amount I might add. I just have a tiny bit each day and I am happy....imagine my dismay with the fact that I am dairy free right now and almost every form of chocolate has diary in it?? boo)

Minor Flaw My dear husband doesn't really care for dessert in general. I have that to thank for my 10 pounds I gained after we got married. I thought it was so great to have someone to cook bake for!! Turns out I was pretty much baking for myself. He did not really ever eat more than a few cookies or a couple lemon bars but then was over it and left the rest for me to eat. In a day. And gain the previous mentioned 10 pounds. ha.

I'd say I'm pretty lucky because those flaws are manageable haha so I decided I could still marry him. :)
So the fact that these are requested by him on a regular basis is saying something people! If they had peanut butter it would be a true miracle but even though they don't I promise if you make these once people will be requesting them for years to come.

Your Favorite Brownie Recipe or Mix (I LOVE using very "fudgy" brownies)

16oz Cool Whip (cold not frozen)
1 Small Package Vanilla Instant Pudding
Beat together with mixer until blended well

First take 1 brownie mix or your recipe and mix according to directions. I like using THIS recipe. 
Spray MINI muffin tin with Pam. Use small scoop to fill tin approx. 2/3 full. (Make sure you don't overfill the cups. It is harder to get them out if they ooze over the top.)

Bake at 325 for 15 minutes

Press indentation in brownie cups. I used the handle of an ice cream scoop.

Let cool and remove from pan

Now you are ready to fill them with absolute goodness. 
Beat the filling ingredients together with mixer until blended well. Then scoop into a zip lock bag and snip off the corner. Squeeze into each brownie cup and there you have it! (Resist the temptation to squeeze some into your mouth every other brownie)
I took some to a friend today and she texted me and said," Holy cow those are amazing" One minute later I got another text "yep devoured....those didn't last. Thank you" haha Her family ate them in one minute people! That is how good these are. Make them. Love them. Be happy.

Tips from KJ:
Use the cream filling as frosting on cakes for people who don't like frosting. They will love you and their lives will be permanently changed.
Eat the filling out of the bag. With a spoon. In secret. ha.
Add sprinkles or food coloring to the filling for a little bit of holiday flair!
Sliced Strawberries and a little bit of drizzled chocolate on top make these look so fancy :)
Experiment with flavors of pudding. Cheesecake is very good! Chocolate makes delicious double chocolate brownie bites.

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