Friday, June 17, 2011

Zucchini/Squash Spaghetti Pasta….?


I need to come up with better names for my recipes. ha
I was at smiths and thinking that I really just wanted to have some pasta with veggies. We didn’t have any at the time so I perused the vegetable section and found the zucchini and yellow squash on sale.

I went home and boiled some Rotini Pasta.

In a saucepan I browned:

4 Cloves Garlic Made into a paste with a zester
1/2 an Onion
2 Tbsp Light Butter

Then I added:

1 can tomato paste
1 can tomato sauce (the bigger one….same size as vegetable cans…I do not know the literal size haha I’ll have to get better at this)
1 Can petitie diced tomatoes
Oregano & Basil to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste
A few pinches of sugar

Literally I just taste this and add things as I feel they are needed.

Then In a large skillet I added all of my zucchini and squash cut into half circles. (I am sure there is a fancy term for that but half circles works for me) I added 1/2 cup chicken broth and sprinkled them with Garlic Mrs. Dash. Then I put a lid on it…set it on medium and let them bubble and simmer until they were soft.

When you are done pile some pasta on your plate, followed by sauce, followed by veggies, followed by grated mozzarella cheese…yum!


Tips From Kj:

I almost NEVER use oil when I cook anymore if I can get away with it. It just has SO many calories it is crazy. I learned a sweet trick and that is to use chicken broth! Whenever I am stir frying/sautéing/baking etc and it says to use oil I just substitute for some chicken broth and away we go! It also adds a great flavor!

There are definitely moments where you must have cooking oil…like deep frying? haha and there are others that I can’t think of right now but I use it when the time comes…in general though I try to be as healthy as can be when cooking.

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