Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines Treats

The day of love is coming…make treats for your husbands, friends and neighbors! Here are some twists on two of my recipes that make great valentine surprises!

Recipe Link HERE
I just made these with strawberry cake mix and rolled them in sprinkles after filling the middles with cream cheese frosting. If you want to you can cut your cookies into hearts after baking to spread a little more love!

Recipe link HERE
For these I used Cheesecake pudding this time. Then I dipped some in sprinkles, left some plain, and drizzled chocolate over the others. These are so good with the cheesecake filling. YUM!
What is your favorite Valentines recipe?? I’d love to check some of them out if you leave links in the comments below!
Happy Month of Love. I hope someone spoils you and makes you feel loved!

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  1. I haven't tried this, but I saw it on TV today. A sheet of frosted brownies, which you scoop up with a small scoop into cake pop sized balls. Then, dip a stick into melted chocolate and put it into a brownie ball (do all of the balls that way). After the chocolate hardens on the stick, so that it won't come out of the brownie ball, dip the brownie ball into the melted chocolate. They looked really good! So, that is the Valentine recipe that I am going to try.

    1. Wow! Those sound super good! Having the stick dipped in chocolate is an awesome twist on just putting a plain old stick in the brownie! Let me know how it goes. Thanks KB ;)