Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Pinterest Fail

You all have one...right? A pinterest fail? Something you saw and thought "oh boy! I'm going to make that!" And then right before your eyes it all goes downhill? Please tell me I'm not alone....

Introduce: Scrambled egg bananas

These are my "banana pancakes" made from 1 banana and 2 eggs. They are supposed to be amazing and apparently people actually succeed in making these. See here. I, on the other hand, fail. Miserably.

They wouldn't flip, turned to mush, and then into a scrambled kind of mess.

So then I made the rest of it into real scrambled eggs for fun. I tried to feed them to my husband. He decided maybe if our little guy was a toddler they would be a good toddler food. I guess he didn't like banana flavored eggs. Bummer. lol

I always ask Mark if a recipe is "bloggabe", or not after he tries it. Normally they are, but this was an unbloggable sort of day for me to say the least.

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