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Guest Post: Apple Pie Sticks

I am so excited for our guest blogger today. I love going to Katie’s blog and finding amazing ideas for every holiday and event you can think of. The ladies at To Entertain share the best recipes, party ideas, and absolute cutest decorations. They give so many details that even if you don’t normally bake, craft, or party plan you will feel like you can do anything they post. Plus they are all so cute and nice their posts are very fun to read! If you love to party, entertain, or even just eat delicious treats this blog is for you. Go check it out and I promise you won’t be disappointed. And now for the real good stuff:

Hi there! My name is Katie and I'm a contributor for to entertain! A little bit about us...
We are a little bunch of ladies who love to entertain. From dinner parties to play dates, you'll find all of our best recipes, hostess tips, company advice, favorite "tried & true" products, complete parties, and DIY party details & how-to's. We would so love for you to stop by! Something else that's pretty special about us? We're all pretty unique. Some of us are empty-nesters, Some of us are no-kidders, some of us spend our days wiping noses & changing diapers, one of us spends evenings helping with 5th grade homework. Faith is pretty important to each of us and we come from a few different denominations. Some of us are living the poor student life, and some are enjoying the harvests of a long life of work. Some are health food nuts & some of us add bacon to everything. Some of us believe strongly in thank you notes & RSVP's while other's are of the Facebook & evite generation. One thing we all have in common? We each share a passion for entertaining, for hosting guests, for creating and delivering experiences. Come follow us & join our fun!

Baby Shower 2010


A little bit about me...
My name is Katie and I'm the wife of a poor graduate student, momma to two sweet tiny ones, and a latter day saint. In my posts you'll find, budget friendly ideas, themed play dates, wholesome good fun, uber yummy recipes and entertaining lessons I'm learning...since I'm not as seasoned as some of the other gals. My entertaining mantra would be “keep calm & party on” (and the only thing nerdier than the fact that I just said that is that I have an entertaining mantra) I say Bah! with rules & clean kitchens (although I’m sure my mother would disagree) however you like to do it--paper plates from the grocery store or china you spent weeks personally hand painting guest’s initials on, do it because you love it and do it however you like! I do it because I love it. I love thinking up the details for themes, I love creating an environment, I love helping people have a good time, I love food. I grew up loving the hustle and bustle of preparing for a big event (stuffing the goody bags, hanging streamers, smelling the food, hanging out in the kid’s room listening to muffled adult laughter and grown up words) but I try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the outcome right along with my guests! Whatever happens…triple digit weather & a broken air conditioner, baby fingers in your cake, 30 screaming 10-year olds with glitter everywhere? Love it!  Entertaining should be fun!
Now on to the good stuff, right? A few weeks ago we celebrated our 2nd daughter's 1st birthday. It was a day full of togetherness...playing on the playground with cousins, riding the train with grandma, laughter and chatter in between bits of yummy food, silly hats, cute boots, my sweet baby *excuse me* big girl, smiling with fistfuls of cake, and these...


Apple pie sticks, pie on a stick, pie pops, whatever you'd like to call them, they are delicious and so stinking adorable. They were a perfect addition to our country themed party but I think they'd be pretty perfect in a bouquet for a Valentines Day treat
(teacher, friend, grandma, hubby??)

Apple Pie Sticks Tutorial:
You'll need:
1 store bought pie crust dough (made about 30 pops for me)
6 inch lolly pop sticks (craft store)
1 can pie filling (I used apple, you can use any you like)
1- egg white
2 inch cookie cutter
parchment paper
small bowl of water
1. Roll out pie dough on a floured surface about 1/8 of an inch thick
2. Using the cookie cutter, cut out pie halves

apple pie on a stick

3. place pie halves on the baking sheet spaced as shown and add the lolly stick by pressing lightly. The trick to not having the sticks fall through with the weight of the pie and is placing them just below the top of the pie as shown, and then not testing the weight until they are completely cool. (Mine held up all day!)
4. Add your food processed (my can of apple pie filling came with big slices of apples) or already chunky apple pie filling. You're only going to add about a teaspoon or the filling will start to leak through your edge.
5. Dip a clean finger in your water bowl and run it around the rim of a second pie half and top off the pie half on the baking sheet. lightly press the rims together and then using a fork, press around the edges to get that fancy apple pie look. Use a pin or the fork to poke a few holes in the top of the pie for steam venting.

apple pie on a stick1

6. lightly brush the tops of the pies with your egg wash
7. Place in the oven for 15-20 min (golden brown) at 375 degrees.
*Tips: touching the pastry dough and then the lolly sticks will make the sticks a bit greasy. After baking, golden brown finger prints will show up on the sticks so make sure to wash hands in between touching the pastry dough.
*For a cutesy touch you can add granulated sugar sprinkles before baking or I added a sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar
*When removing cooked pies from the baking sheet before completely cooled, carefully and cautiously remove them by the pie top (not the stick!) with a spatula. Once cooled, they'll be much more durable.


To see the rest of our little cowgirl's hoedown, come visit us! Thanks so much for letting me stop by!

K aren’t those about the cutest most awesome things you have ever seen? The only tip from Kj today is to really go check out their blog. You will love it. I promise!

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